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tarkett alba beige
Tarkett Alba Beige
tarkett gea yellow beige
Tarkett Gea Yellow Beige
tarkett meleze brown
Tarkett Meleze Brown
tarkett adiaca brown
Tarkett Adiaca Brown
tarkett rock light grey
Tarkett Rock Light Grey
tarkett sandstone black
Tarkett Sandstone Black
tarkett calcutta light beige
Tarkett Calcutta Light Beige
tarkett robur natural
Tarkett Robur Natural
tarkett idia rose
Tarkett Idia Rose
tarkett meleze beige
Tarkett Meleze Beige
tarkett adiaca beige
Tarkett Adiaca Beige
tarkett sandstone white
Tarkett Sandstone White
tarkett broken slate black
Tarkett Broken Slate Black
The Rustic Living collection of vinyl floors from Tarkett offers a variety of home improvement solutions in numerous designs, made from quality components and guaranteed to maintain their functionality and appearance in time. The 2, 3 or 4 metres wide vinyl flooring sheets available for these floor treatments ensure that an unitary appearance can be achieved inside any residential or commercial space.
Measuring 3.7 mm in thickness and with a 0.3 mm wear layer, the vinyl flooring sheets we offer for sale online in numerous design are sure to maintain their appearance even when installed in high traffic areas. The embossed surface has a grip effect which makes these floors suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens considerably reducing the risks of slipping.
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