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transit sound-combi-floor underlay
Transit Sound Combi-floor underlay
Minimizes the sound created when walking across the floor which can be heard from an inferior level.

Measurements: Width: 1200 mm / Thickness: 3.5 mm / Length: 12500 mm
Available in matching designs, covers expansion gaps between the floor and an existing skirting board.

Measurements: Width: 17 mm / Height: 17 mm / Length: 2400 mm
Quantity: 1
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Cover expansion gaps to the wall and come in matching designs.

Measurements: Width: 19mm / Height: 19mm / Length: 2400mm
Quantity: 1 per pack
adapting profile
Adapting profile
Ensures a smooth transition between two adjoining floors and is available in matching designs.

Measurements: Width: 12mm / Height: 44mm / Length: 2400mm
Quantity: 1
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elka lay
Elka Underlay
- can be used in the installation of engineered and laminate floors
- provides protection and levels out the base surface for a smooth installation process

Quantity: 15 m2/roll
Length: 15 metres, Width: 1 metre, Thickness: 3 mm
elka adaptor profile
Elka Adaptor Profile
- provides a smooth transition from laminate flooring to any other type of floor irrespective of its height.
- Mounted onto an aluminium profile

Length: 900 mm
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combistar profile (veneer wrapped) 900
Combistar Profile (Veneer Wrapped) 900
Used to cover expansion gaps, to connect two adjoining hardwood floors or a hardwood floor and another type of flooring.

Measurements: Width: 50 mm / Thickness: 22 mm / Length: 900 mm
Quantity: 1
veneer wrap scotia
Veneer Wrap Scotia
Designed to cover expansion gaps for wood floors and available in matching colours.

Measurements: Width: 21 mm / Thickness: 21 mm / Length: 2400 mm
Quantity: 1
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When you want to change the flooring in a room there are various things you need to think about. Flooring accessories are very important as they can determine the way your floor looks after installation. For most flooring types you need underlay adhesive, trims and skirting and cleaning products. If you are looking to install laminate floors you will need trims, which come in various profiles depending on the heights, underlay which has to be damp proof membrane in case you are planning to install it on concrete, adhesive and skirting.
There are also installation kits available on the market. Cleaning products are also necessary after you have finished the installation. For the hardwood flooring the accessories will include underlay, clips, adhesive, skirting and cleaning products. And in the case of vinyl floors you will need adhesive and special borders depending on the design you have chosen for your floor.
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